Eastman Industries Limited has an excellent manufacturing facility in Ludhiana with largest production capacity. Our fully-equipped and advanced facility includes world’s finest machines, latest technology, and qualified workforce, which help us in becoming world’s one of the largest manufacturer and exporter of bikes. At Eastman Industries Limited, we have stream line all process and mechanism with advance technology in order to increase production and labor safety.

Salient Features

  • Fully automatic disc based Painting process , Discs are imported from OTSON, Taiwan both for primer & paint.
  • Annual Capacity of rolling out 2,70,000 bikes.
  • 11 tank Phosphating Process to ensure the long life of paint.
  • Semi automatic conveyor based mechanism for error free handling of goods.
  • Fully equipped laboratory for chemical testing as well as paint quality testing.
  • Fully equipped laboratory for checking quality parameters of all components sourced from local vendors.
  • Panel of highly expert engineers for overall product quality.

Fabrication Process

Phosphating Process

Painting Process

Powder Coating Process

Handling & Stickering

Assembly Process